Company & Team

We are Next Trade company, established in Torino, Italy by a team of experienced entrepreneurs in product sourcing, e-commerce and marketing, inspired to change the world of fashion distribution in Italy and abroad. Here at Next Trade we respect traditions and we also believe that old-fashioned wholesale model needs a refreshing change.

What is FashionDealer about?

FashionDealer is an ecommerce platform for fashion professionals selling only original designer clothing, shoes, handbags, watches, sunglasses, jewelry and other brand name products at highly discounted prices.

We were born as a wholesale boutique for genuine branded products. Today our B2B online platform is offering instant access to brand name sale events of discounted designer merchandise. We are always committed to obtain the most attractive deals for fashion & lifestyle products and to pass them to you as limited time offers (flash-sales). When planning our sales campaigns we are always negociating the shortest delivery terms, as we hate when you dissapoint your customers because of suppy issues.

Who are our customers?

Because of our flash-sale concept we are a preferred distribution channel for private sale shopping clubs and daily deal websites, yet we are successfully selling our products also to a variety of classic online and offline retailers all over the world.

Why work with us?

We have worked hard to understand our customers' needs and will do our best to offer a superior shopping experience, competitive prices and 100% commitment to deliver to our promisses.

Why should you trust us? In the past we have originally started the online fashion journey as a B2C business, developing in 3+ years a prosperous online store, selling today fashion brands in Eastern Europe. Therefore we are very familiar with some of the key issues that you may have experienced with your suppliers in the past and we also know what your customers' expectations look like.